Thursday, February 3, 2011

Workplace sexual harassment is no joke...

...but these awkward stock photos are.

As Brandflakes for Breakfast points out, "Viewed alone, any one of these shots is a cheez festival of awkward, but viewed as a collection, they're funny and ridiculous, just waiting for captions."

Well, okay then...

"My eyes are down here"
Working for the undead was proving to be even creepier than expected.
"In Soviet Russia, porn surfs YOU!"
"See? Nair leaves your skin smooth and hair-free. You really should try it, Karen."

Having only transferred from Australia two weeks ago, Sheila had not yet adapted to life in the northern hemisphere.

"Nice beaver!" "Thank you, I just had it stuffed."

Okay, so those were kind of random. Give me your best (or worst) captions below.


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