Thursday, December 2, 2010

A question for my female readers

This ad was made for you. At least I assume it was. I can barely set foot in La Senza — even with my wife — without getting flummoxed. (Hell, their window display in Montreal once caused me to walk into a parking meter on St. Catherine St.) And one of the most potent threats I use to discourage bad behaviour in my 6-year-old son is to tell him we'll go shopping at the ladies' underwear store with Mom. ("NOOOOOOOOO!")

Anyway. This ad should be appealing to women, because with the exception of guys who buy creepy lingerie for their partners in February, you are the ones shopping there.

Is it? Or is it an attempt to make guys actually figure out sizing, man up, and buy ladies underwear? Or what?

Fortunately, there are no parking meters online.

And no flat notes, apparently.

Via Illegal Advertising.

There's also a kind-of-creepy interactive site,


  1. I find the advert hard to take seriously as a woman, the cup size in relation to boob size is completley defined by the band size. A 36C would mean BIG boobs, whilst a 28C would mean significantly smaller, if not 'small' boobs. I am a 28DD/E, this does NOT mean i have a massive chest.
    So yeah, i think it appeals to the simplistic nature of bra-buying, i.e "She has big boobs - must be a 34DD" if anything, this is not gonna help guys. But i think it appeals to guys, as any woman is gonna see straight through this.

  2. I wonder, then, if it's just like all the other sexy woman ads aimed at other women: "YOU could be this sexy! Just get out your credit card!"

    Or, on second thought, perhaps the message is simply that they have styles to flatter every cup size?

  3. Explicit message: styles to flatter every size. (in my experience this is not the case - and I'm not way out of the norm)

    Clever? Maybe.

    Does it make me wanna shop there? No. Even in the context of a lingerie shop there's still something disconcerting about the passive-chick-on-a-bed theme here that to me, would appeal to male audiences than myself.

    I'll keep going to La Vie En Rose, myself.

  4. And for those who want to compose their own song.

  5. I was too distracted by the women writhing semi-orgasmically on downy pillows to even notice the bras to be honest. That, and the fact that almost no close ups were done on my G-cup friend, or F for that matter (I presume their tummies are a little to rounded for the close up). So I didn't even get to see the style of bra I could buy.

    Do women behave that sexually for other women? Maybe. I presume this ad is in fact meant to send our lovers straight to La Senza. But all I can think of, an hour or two after I have watched it is the way the singing renders their red lips into a parody of sex dolls. You know? The ones perfectly poised, pout at the ready, to service? The bras? Can't even remember what they look like.

  6. Hmm...I didn't associate the letter with sizes at all. I associated them with notes on a keyboard, and that was confirmed when they started singing.