Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Thank you, God!!"

Everyone knows by now that everyone online — including kids — is about one typo away from accidental pornography.

 This goofy video from XXXCHURCH.COM, Las Vegas pastor Craig Gross's mission to help people overcome porn addiction, has an array of pornstars actually showing up at the door in response to search terms like "milf" (much to the excitement of the boys left home alone - until Ron Jeremy shows up with some furry friends).

The Reverend Gross explains:
I have traveled the country with porn legend, Ron Jeremy, the one thing we do agree on is that pornography should not be seen by kids. Ron Jeremy says, "Porn is consenting adults having consenting sex for consenting adults to watch." Ron has always said he will do whatever he can to help keep porn away from children.



Ron enlisted the help of several friends from the adult industry and XXXchurch enlisted former porn star Crissy and two 8-year old actors and a puppet named Pete to pull the commercial off.

Parents are clueless about what their kids are doing online. The commercial should bother any parent who watches it. I hope parents see these two young boys misspelling words on the computer and realize this happens everyday. Many parents are unaware of their children’s online activities and the security threats that surround those activities.

- The average age of someone finding porn online is 11.
- 90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed porn online, most while doing homework.
- Sex and Porn are among the top 5 search terms for kids under 18.
- Only 3% of adult web sites require age verification.
- Fewer than half (48 percent) of U.S. parents set parental controls on their family computer.

Parents need to get educated and get control of what is going on in their house. The campaign is a wake up call to parents that the internet makes a lousy babysitter and pornography is just a typo away.

Can't really blame Pete for the facepalm. We've all been there.
The weirdest part of the ad is its mascot, "Pete the Porno Puppet", who has been delivering the anti-porn message to kids since 2004.

Pete's biography states that he "talks about finding his daddies [sic] porn stash, watching daddy watch a bunch of naked mommies on TV, and finding porno in his parents secret locked drawer."

The first ad was actually shot by porn producer Jimmy D. As you can see, the porn industry loves XXXCHURCH.COM, even though the church is out to convert their fanbase to the straight and narrow.

...whatever that means.
By the way, if you're under 35 you may not get my headline reference. But considering the way this PSA was shot, and how obviously thrilled the little boys are with their bounty of boobies, this scene from the closing sequence of Animal House is quite apt:

That's how I would have felt, too.

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  1. Interesting concept. Too bad it has the incompetence and poor pacing that only a porn director can provide.