Thursday, August 4, 2011

Facebook even hates the WORD "breast"

To promote the upcoming film "Breasts: The Movie", lactivist Jace Greenwood and others in her group submitted this social ad to Facebook:

(Personally, I think they can be both.)

The response?

I've written before about Facebook's unbelievably knee-jerk policies around breasts, reacting to the most prudish complaints by users by pulling accounts first and not asking questions later.

This latest censorship goes beyond prudishness. If the very words "Breast" and/or "Sex" are unsuitable for the world's biggest social network, how is anyone supposed to have an adult discussion about the issues that matter?

That said, and despite this being World Breastfeeding Week, I have to admit that the stock-photo-heavy trailer is not very promising:

Perhaps they haven't actually started filming yet. Nonetheless, it's the principle here that counts. And Facebook just needs to get off their tits.


  1. Just wanted to say that I disagree on the trailer not looking promising. I will be definitely watching this one.

  2. The subject matter is promising. But all I see so far is stock photography and stock music.

  3. I agree the teaser was very heavy on stock footage. I was recently privileged to see a glimpse behind the scenes of the film from Jace during some preliminary filming and it looks great! Jace told me the stock footage was done to start promoting the idea before any filming occurred to get support and not to worry because stock footage won't be used in the film.

  4. Thank you for the clarification, Anon! I had assumed as much.