Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sexy done right in FCUK ad?

Forget American Apparel's amateur porn. Never mind Calvin Klein's gangbangs. The most sensual shirt ad you will see today is this delicate video by French Connection UK:

This ad was, one must assume, aimed at women. Because when they aim their ads at men, they look more like this:


  1. OMG NIPPLE! You know, I think that's pretty perfect in showing the romantic female blouse and the rough-and-tumble type of male (flannel?) shirt that those items of clothing are. It expresses the clothing quite well in both instances. I guess it's sexy, if you're into either of those items of clothing. Personally I can't stand blouses like that, so nothanks for moi. But yes, that was a pretty way of showing one, and I do appreciate the aesthetic on women who suit them. Well designed bluses are nice. So are well cut shirts.

    Hmm. I just realized that what we spent most of our time seeing here, and what I spoke most about, was the product itself rather than the models. That's what AA is doing wrong in a nutshell.

  2. Puhleeze. Both commercials put me to sleep. There was nothing pretty, sensual, etc. Just utterly boring. AA may be porny, but at least it's been consistently porny, which ultimately makes it memorable, distinctive.