Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bicycle ads say moms' lives are all about housework

What year is it again? 1954? 1964?

Two thousand fourteen, you say? I'd never know it from looking at this Huffy Bicycles campaign by Brunner, Pittsburgh. (Via Ads Of The World.)

The insight of cycling as a way to break free from life drudgery is a nice one. But what makes up the majority of these moms' lives? Housework, of course! Dishes! Dusting! Laundry!

Sure, there are many women who still stay home to raise their kids. And the hard work and sacrifices they make are important and worthy of respect. But to define those women's lives through housework is like giving one of them a vacuum for Christmas. It says "this is who you are. This is your job. This is what is expected of you." (Gods forbid a husband stay home, or even lift a broom, eh?)

The only hint that this campaign is from this decade, century and millennium is one execution that has the woman using mobile devices; not for any professional purpose, mind you. Just to kill the time.