Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lust for cash

An open letter to Iggy Pop

Oh, Iggy! An insurance commercial? Really?

It was one thing when you let them use "Lust for Life" in a cruise ship ad. That was funny. But look, I'm the adman and you're the Godfather of Punk. I'm the one whose creativity and principles are for sale, not you. You're a streetfighting cheetah with a heart full of napalm. I'm a cynical Creative Director with a belly full of poutine. You should stay away from my world. People will make fun of you. (Naughty language)

Even worse, you plugged an insurance product for a company that wouldn't even cover musicians.

Ig... Or "James", if I may call you that. You've even been accused of false advertising, something I have never knowingly done.

Look, I love you, man. You have always given me vicarious output for my independent impulses as you did whatever the hell you wanted to, even though it meant getting booted off every record major record label in existence. Even though it involved live recordings that sounded like they were recorded in a machine metal shop next door to the concert hall. Even if it meant working with Rick Astley's drum machine.

I'll get over this, I'm sure. Because no matter how bad things get, or what you feel you have to compromise to secure your retirement savings, we'll always have the way you were.

Take care of your legacy, Iggy. It means a lot to those of us who sold out before we even got there.


  1. Even more so, it's just embarrassing ...

  2. I think you posted YouTube videos. Although they're blocked here, I can only imagine how soul-suckingly terrible they were.

  3. Nice .... very nice. All that this says to me is that, well, rather than sell out .... why not be the one doing the BUYING of those who sell out? :-D

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