Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Taste in advertising?

I've seen scratch and sniff ads. I've seen tactile ads. (Sight and sound go without saying.) But I just read an article about ads you can taste.

Inspired by the flavoured wallpaper in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Adnan Aziz and Jay Minkoff have come up with "First Flavor", a company that makes edible film strips that can be inserted into print ads for food and beverage products.

"Enhance your advertising with the Peel 'n Taste® Marketing System. Using patent-pending technology, the flavor of your product is replicated in quick dissolving edible film strips which are distributed through individually packaged pouches to prospective customers. Peel ‘n Taste® is easily integrated into all of your promotional marketing programs as a means of driving product trial."

They've done taste-test ads for Welch's grape juice, Campbell's soups, SKYY Vodka, and even a disgusting-tasting anti-smoking ad for Tobacco Free Florida. They made Adweek's Media Plan of the Year '08 and are starting to get buzz in the media and blogosphere.

This is an obvious opportunity for print ads to find a niche that Internet advertising cannot fill: sampling. But is it really worth the cost? And is this just another smell-o-vision type fad? Or will it be the next perfume sample, ubiquitous in magazines, direct mail and outserts?

All I know is I'm really scared about what these new ads might do if they fall into the hands of advertisers of questionable taste. American Apparel anyone? Ummm...
(Could be considered not safe for work)

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