Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An actual advertising emergency

Blogging Emergency Preparedness Week was something I had been planning to do as part of promoting our work for Public Safety Canada, but I can't let the coincidence of the swine flu epidemic pass me by. Especially since it's now in Ottawa.

You see, we're actually working on the crisis communications for the Public Health Agency of Canada, creating ads like this in your local paper:

These ads are part of a strategic readiness plan that we have been involved in for some time. The Government of Canada has been planning its social marketing along with other measures for dealing with pandemic flu since the avian influenza scares of a few years past. What's important now is to get authoritative, factual information about infection control in peoples' hands (literally!) to counter the mass hysteria that's burning through the social media.

One great tool for us so far has been Google AdWords, reaching people as they search for more information.

This is an important time to be a social marketer, so rather than blathering on about advertising insights today, I'd just like you to get the facts.

Please visit fightflu.ca for the latest information on H1N1, don't panic, and take care.

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