Monday, May 11, 2009

You don't know where that money's been!

Your mom always told you money was filthy. But this commercial, as featured on boingboing, takes it to a new level. (Warning: Not for the prudish at heart!)

The ad was created by Optix Digital Pictures for German agency GRABARZ + PARTNER.

From the official YouTube link:

"The goal was to create a world completely made out of banknotes and explicit characters that stood for themselves. So we spent many days and nights doing a lot of research finding the right objects such as furniture, buildings, bridges, certain landscapes, clothes, etc.


All characters (Lincoln, Mao and the unknown lady) were created as 3D characters in Softimage XSI. Therefore, our designing team engaged in a lot of origami studying. To get used to the technique, we spent a lot of time with uncountable folding sessions. We took dollar and pound notes and folded Origami figures until our hands bled."

Admen love this ad. But will it build Bontrust's business? It's certainly gone viral many times over, but that very success has pushed Bontrust's own corporate site deep down into a Google Search on its name.

Whether you find the sexual explicitness of the ad offputting or hilarious, it shows that you really can still find creative ways to make even the most button-down client more exciting. Too bad it had to come in the middle of a recession. Watching the Dollar, the Pound and the Yuan frolic so freely in the middle of financial Armageddon may be the most perverse thing about the spot.

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