Monday, June 8, 2009

Next stop: Geneva

This week, one of our favourite and longtime clients, the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA), is being honoured by The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) for CUTA's Youth Summit on Sustainable Urban Transportation. At UITP's 2009 World Congress and Exhibition in Vienna this week, CUTA is being given the UITP Youth Project Award (North American Region), as well as the Best Practices Award. Martin Lajoie, CUTA's Public Affairs Coordinator, is receiving the Best Young Manager Award.

Last month, our client came to us with some photos and other materials about last year's Youth Summit, and asked us to create a compelling introductory video for the Vienna crowd. Some creative editing (by Acart's own CD Redmond), a rockin' soundtrack, and a short round of approvals later, and voilĂ ! A fitting intro for worldwide public transit's Best Young Manager:

CUTA's Youth Summit is an annual grassroots program that brings together young keeners from across Canada to share ideas for positive activism in their communities promoting sustainable transportation. In the past, this has included events such as legally shutting down Bloor Street to cars so that bikes, people, and transit can take over.

The main point of the congress, according to Martin, is that when it comes to solutions to reduce urban traffic and pollution "youth are ahead of the politicians". Hopefully, the elected officials are listening.

Public/Sustainable Transportation is one of our most passionate social issues here at Acart. Congratulations, CUTA!

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