Friday, July 17, 2009

Breakfast of Champions (of work that matters)

As I've said before, we at Acart want to "walk the walk" when it comes to using our advertising powers for good and not evil. But we're also aware that we remain incredibly fortunate people with good jobs and a high quality of life.

Living and working in Ottawa, we also benefit from a surplus of food. Between catered meetings, work lunches, and the constant availability of various office treats it seems like Acartians will never go hungry. But this is not the case for many Canadians — including the children of low-income families in isolated communities.

We’d like to change that, for at least one child, by asking ourselves, our colleagues and clients to donate spare pocket change to a breakfast program in Nunavut.

Starting Friday, there will be a collection jar to collect spare change in our agency kitchen. Our first goal is to raise $360 by the end of August, which will ensure one child gets a nutritious breakfast every day for the 2009-2010 school year.

You’d be amazed what a difference a good breakfast can make. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, almost one-quarter of Canadian elementary school kids do not eat breakfast daily, which affects learning ability and physical development, and can lead to lifelong health problems.

We launched the program today with a pot-luck breakfast donated by our "Cause Loop", and the jar is already filling up. Want to help? If you drop by the agency, or know someone who does, please feel free to add to the change...

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