Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Signs of change

What differentiates us from many advertising agencies is that Acart's purpose is not to stimulate excess consumption. As Social Issues Marketing specialists, we often try to get people to consume less, such as when we promote public transit and other sustainable options.

But within the agency, like any business, we face corporate responsibility challenges of our own. That's why we're continually adding to our agency environmental policy, moving towards reusable dishes, cups and glasses for meetings (instead of styrofoam plates, plastic forks, bottles, cans and takeout coffee packaging), installing lower-consumption lighting, and trying to decrease internal printing.

As well, we're looking into enhancing efficiencies, like motion sensors on lights in meeting rooms. Even the traditional use of environmentally-nasty foamcore for presentation boards is on its way out.

With our social marketing background, we realize that policy is not enough; you've got to change attitudes. That's why we formed "Cause Loop", our in-house environmental team that organizes charity and consciousness-raising events such as Stairs for Wheelchairs and our street cleanup.

But the challenge is ongoing. That's why, if you visit Acart, you'll notice all these little signs hanging around to remind ourselves and our clients that more sustainable living is an ongoing commitment.

At Acart, all signs point to positive change. Take it, boys:

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