Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Microsoft: Hopeless

I guess it's "awkward ethnic outreach" week on Change Marketing...

Yesterday, I mentioned how McDonald's is going to great lengths to ingratiate itself to the African American market.

Well, Microsoft has taken a different approach:

Can you spot the difference? (Click for full size.)

The left one is for Microsoft's English-language "business productivity infrastructure" site. The left one is the Polish version.

In a bizarro-world version of "Black guy photoshopped in", MS has decided that Poland is okay with Asian people, but not black people.

It's now making the rounds of the social media.

And while some people may forget Poland once in a while, it's doubtful that this will go unnoticed.

(thanks to Patrick for the tip/links)

Followup: You can watch the fallout here.


  1. Interestingly, they didn't recolor the hand, and allowed the picture regardless of the fact that there's a laptop that looks strangely similar to a Mac...

  2. Not just that but look at the head that got shopped in. It looks .... off. So it's basically a BAD Photoshop job to boot!

    Microscrap has a ton of money and .... they can't afford to pay someone to do a GOOD Photoshop job? Geez man ....

  3. At least they had the sense to photoshop out the apple on the back of the iBook! :) I've worked on several Microsoft projects and they often leave things like this up to local offices, who hire local agencies to do the work. In other words, I'm not entirely surprised this creative free-for-all has come back to bite them...