Thursday, September 3, 2009

Corporate Social Responsible Drinking (CSRD)

Today, Acart launched the new Centre For Responsible Drinking web site.

Funded by our client, the Brewers Association of Canada, the Centre for Responsible Drinking is all about respecting alcohol, and all its effects — both positive and negative — on our health, safety, and society.

What I like about this approach — and the Brewers in general — is that as a society we finally seem to be getting beyond seeing alcohol as a vice, and instead can once again consider moderate social drinking a normal part of life... provided you plan ahead to avoid impaired driving or the well-known perils of overindulgence.

This thinking is enshrined in the National Alcohol Strategy — developed by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, Health Canada and the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission — which recognizes:

"... the notion of sensible alcohol consumption, that alcohol has a place in society and that people who drink moderately benefit. The NAS also:

• differentiates between responsible consumption and misuse;
• seeks the knowledge, input and experience of all stakeholders, including industry;
• stresses the development of partnerships between industry and the larger community, including addictions experts, researchers, academics, NGOs and government;
• supports and encourages research leading to a better understanding of alcohol misuse and the development of new initiatives; and,
• emphasizes targeted programs and education."

In a post-Prohibition age when the President of the United States can attempt to resolve race conflicts with a friendly beer, it's nice to see that Canadians are finally emerging from Victorian attitudes about alcohol with a modern, responsible, perspective. At least in social marketing strategy.

Or, as the proverb says, "Little fools drink too much and great fools none at all."

Now you know why I never drive anywhere ;)

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