Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kid appeal

The British Department of Health is launching a new anti-smoking campaign that gets to the heart of the matter: kids who don't want their parents to die young.

According to The Bolton News, a local 10-year-old was recruited by a film crew who were collecting the stories of children of smokers.

Cole Lonsdale appears in ads that will appear on national TV during Coronation Street — presumably a smokey target audience — as well as transit posters:

Other children are featured in ads as well, and the family stories behind them are profiled in the Mirror.

What's interesting about this campaign is that it doesn't talk about secondhand smoke. Cole's mom says she never smokes in her house, or in front of the boy. Rather, it's a continuation of a campaign that tries to make parents aware that good parenting includes not harming yourself:

Will it work? If it were my own child, I'd be heartbroken. It remains to be seen if other British parents can put themselves and their kids in the place of the people they see in ads.

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