Thursday, September 24, 2009

Too much?

Maybe for this blog, if not for the cause. But here goes. It's a jiggly new PSA for Boobyball, an annual Toronto event "to inspire a new generation of young philanthropists to get involved and create a future without breast cancer".

Let's see what this ad inspires in you:

In case you're wondering who is exploiting whom, the woman in the ads is Aliya Jasmine Sovani, from MTV Canada. She's the co-chair of the event in support of Rethink Breast Cancer, and the writer, co-producer and Creative Director of the spot.

Here's what she thinks of it:

The basic idea is that young people aren't responding to breast cancer information featuring older women and sad situations. The ad is designed to appeal to a generation who have grown up with "Girls Gone Wild" and a generally "show me" culture. So instead of talking about disease and death, the PSA talks about how much everyone loves breasts.

Knowing (older) people who have, or have had, breast cancer, I'm not so sure they'd find this approach tasteful or appropriate. On the other hand, so many ads use breasts to get attention to sell useless things. At least these ones are out there for a cause.

What do you think?

**UPDATE: This viral has made CNN. The question now is, will the spot raise the profile of breast cancer prevention and detection worldwide, or just that of Ms. Sovani?**

**UPDATE 2: Kerry wanted to know what the song in the video was, so I creeped Aliya Jasmine on Facebook, and passed on the query. She wrote back to say it's called "The girl is Mine" by Rosnick. Can't find a band link, but thanks for the intel! (I am still, however, awaiting confirmation on that friend request...)


  1. I can already feel a male parody in the works from Tom Green...

    I actually think they could have had a bit more fun with the concept and "taken it somewhere". Either more interesting/insightful copy or a concept that doesn't ultimately leave you, um, unsatisfied... What's with that awkward lean over for a near final shot? It's hardly a payoff, comedic or otherwise...

  2. P.S. Happy 100th blog post Tom!!....

  3. Hey, right on! Thanks Christopher. I wasn't even counting.

  4. I'm not sure what i think about the ad itself. I find it all a bit awkward... from her mismatched boobs to the feigned looks of admiration. I suppose all the power to 'them' though... maybe I'm too old. That said i really like the music... who's the band?

  5. I think the best breast cancer awareness ad was the one from several years ago - I can't recall all the details - but it was where men offered to help women perform their monthly breast exam.