Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sex sells... a career in farming?

All over the first world, the family farm is in decline. My own efforts to give life support to this traditional economy include eating local and buying direct. But apparently the German-speaking world sees the need for a much cheesier approach. (And we're not talking Cambozola).

Following the lead of a sister organization in Austria, the Association of Young Bavarian Farmers has produced an "erotic farm girls calendar" to "present young farmers as modern and open-minded entrepreneurs and do away with the antiquated image and do away with preconceptions".

The Association's mission (pdf) states "We are cutting-edge entrepreneurs who do our utmost for a socially-responsible and modern agriculture". The calendar features 12 scantily-clad (and apparently socially responsible) frauleins posing against a variety of rural backdrops. Very few are doing anything relating to farming, but at least they tried to pay homage to the traditional farm wife with this one:

Now, I don't know about you, but if we're talking about getting rid of the "antiquated image" of farm life, a pin-up girl barefoot and making bread in the kitchen is hardly a good start...

Although I suppose a sexy farm calendar could have ended up much worse.


  1. The campaign might have had a chance to rise above Sun-girl artistic status if they were all actually doing farm work, and not just posing in a run-of-the-mill photoshoot...

  2. I don't know about that, Christopher. Miss February has clearly entered the sheep pen in her underwear with the intent of knitting herself a nice, modest, knee-length sweater.

  3. I had a GREAT comment but this thing ate it up! I was commenting on how the League of German Girls (under whatsisface from Germany in the 1930s -- this thing doesn't like the name OR the name of his party) sent off city girls to farms and that this caused a baby boom. Now if they had a similar model nowadays, maybe more city boys would want to be farm boys!

    (And I, for one, like the calendar. Well, the pictures anyway.)

  4. This thing has an anti-Godwin filter? Who knew?

  5. Hitler Nazi. Ok let's see if it'll filter THIS message!