Monday, January 25, 2010

Admen "growing their 'staches to save ther asses"

When it comes to doing great work for an important cause, even an adman's competitive nature can get a temporary reprieve. And that's why I'm going to use today's blog to give props to a local rival, McMillan, for their absolutely hilarious Moustaches! The Men of McMillan 2010 fundraising calendar.

As a spontaneous outgrowth of their hairy efforts for prostate cancer research last Movember (regular readers may recall my caterpillar lip from the time) the lads decided to dress up as 1970s stereotypes, do a photoshoot, and publish a joyfully retro man-a-month calendar to raise even more money for the cause.

Here's an example, starring my good friend (and onetime boss) Creative Director Jake Volt:

The 'staches are outrageous, the outfits absurd, and the copywriting epically ironic.

You can buy your very own Moustaches! The Men of McMillan 2010 calendar for $10 — or just donate to the cause — at this link. I'm told that all materials and services were donated, so every cent goes to the cause.

Great work, guys! And thanks for inspiring us all to be at our best when what we're doing is something that really matters.

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  1. Thanks Tom, I know you appreciate a good 'stache yourself, as I saw the majestic lip caterpillar you grew for Movember!