Monday, January 11, 2010

No sex please, we're Calgarians

Have you seen the Virgin Mobile bus shelter campaign showing people making out with male and female angels?

Apparently, they're too hot for Calgary Transit.

According to CTV:

"Calgary Transit says it received several complaints that the ads were too sexual and were close to areas where children could easily view them."

Heaven forbid kids see a couple making out in a bus shelter. (Considering Calgary's significant hooker problems, we're lucky if that's all they see!)

Mississauga has also pulled the ads, for basically the same reasons.

Chris Baines, spokesperson for Virgin Mobile is unapologetic:

“We’re very proud of our ads. We don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. They are just young couples passionately embracing or kissing. It’s no more than that and they’re a lot of fun.”

An ad featuring this couple was allowed to stay up, because it has less groping.

Meanwhile, in the Toronto market, and in the replacement ad for the two yoinked ads in Mississauga, the angels go both ways.

One can only imagine why that one wasn't chosen for the Calgary market.

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