Monday, February 8, 2010

Life in 12 Easy Searches

Like many Canadians, I had to wait until after the Saints fans finally partied themselves out to see what I really wanted to get out of the Super Bowl: The ads. (Okay, I could have previewed some of them, but where's the fun in that?)

And as usual, I was mostly disappointed. More smut from GoDaddy. Megan Fox duckfacing it up for Motorola. Vizio snatching borrowed interest from Beyonce and a bunch of tired old Internet memes.

And then there was Google, doing its first ever major TV buy after this campaign enjoyed several months of viral success:

Two words:

While others invested in celebrities and special effects, Google relied on the way its brand is woven into everyday life. So we get to see an American studying abroad, falling in love, and succeeding in the ever-challenging LTR.

This is what good advertising is supposed to be: relevant, entertaining, emotive and authentic. It is everything I strive for. Great work.

Another ad I enjoyed watching was the "Timothy Richmond" biography. Although the idea, tone, and even music are lifted pretty neatly from the opening sequence of The Royal Tenenbaums.

You can watch the rest of the 2010 lineup at Mashable or AdAge.

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  1. I missed the Google Ad when I was watching the superbowl so thanks for the video. The Google Ad definitely did a great job at captivating not only their male viewers but also the women. This is something that a lot of marketers didn't think about when making their Ads. The Advertisement was pretty clever too! It had me engaged early and finished with a bang. Something that the coke Ads were unable to do.