Thursday, February 25, 2010

PETA's least sexy celebrity ad

I tend to give PETA a hard time about callously exploiting people and unfortunate events in their ads, but I'll make a slight exception for this one making the rounds of the media:

It may never see the light of day, though. The Orlando Sentinel quotes PETA campaigner Virginia Fort acknowledging that it will be a challenge to get this creative featured on billboards in Tiger's home turf.

And as usual PETA is unapologetic about its Machiavellian approach to social marketing, cynically hijacking sex, celebrity and tragedy to promote its own agenda. "The world has been transfixed on Tiger's life after Thanksgiving," Fort says "We're putting the focus where it needs to be."

But she adds, disingenuously: "We're sure Tiger will appreciate our attempt — from a story that's distracted the world and followed Tiger — to turn it into something positive for little tigers."

Yeah, sure. But at least this one's no worse than what you hear in a late night talk show monologue.


  1. Oh, I LOVE IT! Poor Tiger. :-)

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