Friday, April 23, 2010

Give a little bit...

This is National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week in Canada, and April is National Donate Life Month in the United States.

Here at Acart, we've been doing our small part to raise awareness and increase organ donation commitment by encouraging employees to sign their cards, get their Facebook friends to do so, or even just get people talking about the issue on internal and social media. Being competitive ad people, we ran a contest as well, and clad in campaign green we'll all be wrapping the week with an office party.

Another element of the campaign has been the appearance of little green notes all over the office, with facts like "Right now, Ontario is in need of 1,164 kidneys." and "1,800 people in Ontario are on the transplant list and in need of live donors." and "Studies show: donating the organs and tissues of a deceased loved one can provide immediate comfort & consolation to grieving family members."

What we'd really love to do is create a great viral organ donation PSA. But since we haven't yet had the opportunity, I'd like to share some other people's work with you.

By far the most graphic campaign out there is Recycle Me, which I blogged about last year. The site features a young guy who talks to you while eviscerating himself and showing the parts that can save lives.

In the U.S., "Go Recycle Yourself" takes a similar, but more cartoony approach.

Perhaps the most touching approaches, though, are the stories of people who have needed transplants.

This one from the UK goes straight for your heart (and other organs):

This one, from Illinois, is a personal appeal Charles Tillman of "da" Bears:

And this DIY project shows how anyone can reach out and make a difference online.

If you haven't already signed your organ donor card, please consider it. Ontario residents can find out more at the Trillium Gift of Life Network.

And if you've already committed to the cause, please tell people about it. Share your compassion, your knowledge, and your personal stories. And share this blog, if you think it will help. The appropriate buttons are just up and to the right.

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