Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scare 'Em, Hair 'Em

I often look for blog ideas by searching social media press releases for public service announcements. However, it soon becomes obvious that the occasional self-styled "PSA" is actually serving someone else entirely.


"Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) April 20, 2010 --, the Internet's most comprehensive resource for unbiased consumer information and education concerning hair loss solutions and conditions, has released the second of a series of animated, one-minute-long public service announcements titled "Hair is Important".

According to Michael Garcia, spokesman for, this second video release "aims to illustrate to the public that men and women who are trying to restore their hair are really trying to restore much more than just their hair."

The video states that hair is so important that is gives people the confidence to project who they are, allowing them to accomplish great things, while a montage of noted historical figures with notable hair, from politicians to entertainers, is shown."

Here's the "PSA":

Now, let me state for the record that I still have all my hair. Hell, I even have hair in places that are no longer fashionable. But if I were ever to start balding noticeably, I'd do what my female friends refer to as "doing the honourable thing" and crop it down, Captain Picard style.

And what's wrong with that? The video would have me think that a head full of hair is necessary to project "who we are" and "what we believe in".

It's apparently needed to lead... (for good or evil)

to make an impression...

to express a viewpoint...

and to entertain.

Yeah — baldness is for losers, and fake hair is for winners.


  1. Were those places of hair ever fashionable? ;-)
    Seriously, though, confidence is what makes a person, in men or women. Picard is very sexy, because he's confident. His lack of hair is irrelevant. We do judge people by the way they look ... everyone primps a bit ... but people who can stand up without hiding behind fake hair, fake nails, too much war paint (makeup), etc., are the ones who have nothing to hide, feel they can stand on their own and are probably pretty awesome. Selling products is often about making people feel inadequate, when in fact, most of us are pretty great the way we are. :-)

  2. This post was picked up by the Sociological Images blog:

    Check it out for a more scholarly analysis of the campaign.

  3. Tom, if your "female friends" began to lose their hair, I seriously doubt any of them would do the so-called "honorable thing" and shave their heads. It's easy to make such statements when you have no understanding of the pain to some people caused by hair loss.

    To many people, losing hair is like losing a limb or having a cleft palate. It affects self esteem and self confidence. It's just a fact. That's why people spend billions of dollars trying to find a solution to their hair loss.

    Unfortunately, in our culture, hair loss and baldness is seen as unattractive. But to people who reject cultural values and feel good about themselves either way, they are lucky and more power to them.

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