Thursday, April 29, 2010

What the **** is that "Mobio" thing?

If you've been watching Joannie Rochette's iheartmom video on YouTube, or if you visited, you probably noticed a funny little piece of abstract art with a "Mobio" logo on it.

You may also be wondering "what IS that thing?"

Mobio Identity Systems is a Vancouver company that has developed a new way to make electronic payments, get information, or connect with specific content via smartphones.

Don't worry, before we started this campaign, I hadn't heard of them either. But our client, the University of Ottawa Heart Institute had. They premiered the technology on their annual telethon on CTV a few weeks ago, on March 28.

From MobioID's CEO, Clovis Najm (via press release):
"The Ottawa Heart Institute has always been on the cutting edge of technology and we believe Mobio will increase their donation base and encourage a new generation of young mobile smartphone users to donate to this worthy organization."

So how does it work? They included this handy video:

The telethon raised over $5 million, actually exceeding its goal. How many donations came via Mobio? According to the Ottawa Citizen, the high-tech gimmick helped "a bit".

But such is the case for early adopters. MobioID sees great potential for fundraisers in this technology, especially with the 45-and-under crowd, including:

• Ability to inject innovation into the widely traditional telethon space.
• Ability to target younger audiences and appeal to Gen X and Y.
• Increased geographical reach (Mobio barcodes can go viral on Twitter, Facebook, email and phone to phone)
• Ongoing donations possible post-event (once a custom barcode is created it can be used indefinitely in print, advertising, TV, T-shirts etc.)

Of course, the application also holds great promise for e-commerce, allowing on-the-spot impulse purchases from anywhere.

Now that you know what Mobio is, you'll probably start to notice it popping up in geekier circles. Just last weekend, I put down my copy of SuperFreakonomics (which is hard to do) and noticed a Mobio 2-D barcode on the back cover, with an invitation to get more info.

Curious? Give it a shot!

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