Monday, May 31, 2010

This might be the funniest thing PETA has ever done

No shock. No naked women. Just Cloris Leachman and a bunch of condoms:

The 84-year-old comedic actress struggles with condom packaging, swears at the camera, and generally has a great old time conveying the message that it's best to adopt spayed and neutered pets from the pound.

Interestingly (or, more likely, deliberately) that's actually the blooper real of the "official" (and much less funny) PSA produced and released simultaneously online.

Cheers, PETA. Please let this be the start of a new brand.

UPDATE: Commenters below have pointed out that the offhand blooper about adopting a dog on your way home is way off message for animal welfare as it seems to encourage impulsive adoptions. I have to agree. So I changed the headline.


  1. If all PETATITES are as ignorant as she is, They should ALL be spayed and neutered..

  2. Hey, I'm up for a PETA troll when it's deserved. But I think this is pretty damn cool. And Cloris is hilarious.

  3. To be honest, I find the connection between condoms and the decision to spay or neuter pets a bit cloudy (in smokey Otown)... and then the ramblings in the blooper video, about stopping at the pound on the way home raises concerns about the decision making process to get a pet. I'm not sold. That said I prefer the 'approach'... and I like Cloris. I just find the message, lighter to what they've been doing recently, gets lost.

  4. In the "official" PSA (the second link) I think it's a pretty clear connection. She uses misdirection to make you think we're talking about planned parenthood, then turns it around to a spay/neuter message.

    The blooper one may be less on-message as PSA, but it almost made me spit take my coffee this morning. :)

  5. I'm with Kerry. It's quite obvious that PETA edited and released the "blooper reel", and they should know better than to suggest that getting a pet from the pound is as easy as making a detour on your way home. 1: It's not that simple, and 2: Impulsive adoption only adds to the problem.


  6. Oh, yeah. The blooper reel is official.

    And I give up. I'm in no way interested in defending PETA, or the issue of impulsive adoptions. I just loved the performance!