Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Does anyone really need to see this?

In a move that appears not to be fake, California is reported to be considering implementing a technology that would flash electronic ads on cars' rear licence plates when cars are stopped in traffic (which around LA is a lot).

From CNN Money:

"Sen. Curren Price, a Democrat from the Los Angeles area, said the technology will resemble traditional license plates, with plate numbers visible at all times. However, digital ads and public service announcements would flash on the plate's screen when the vehicle is stopped for more than a few seconds."

California's budget deficit is an estimated $19.1 billion, and this is an attempt to bring in a new revenue stream. While the driver distraction argument is shot down by the fact that the plates only advertise when stopped, this new potential advertising intrusion into our day-to-day raises a number of questions: Can I choose what brands I want my car associated with? What if Honda wants to advertise on my Toyota? Does a major brand really want to be associated with that jerkbag who just cut me off? And... what if someone hacks my plate?


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