Friday, July 16, 2010

What did I miss?

I just got back from 2 weeks' vacation, and there seems to be a backlog of epic waiting for me. What did I miss?

Well, for one thing, the Old Spice Guy is now King of the Internet:

Reuters lit up the viralsphere with what can either be seen as the most childish, or most naive headline of all time:

Another viral sensation (and obvious recreational drug fan) Hungrybear9562, got autotuned:

And, on a more serious note, Minneapolis activist Stacey Burns wrote in to update me on the USI "Fast, Cheap, and Satisfaction Guaranteed" saga:

"The saga lurches forward: although USI pulled the billboards as promised, copies of the ad appeared in men's restrooms throughout Minneapolis in June. In response, as if to thumb his nose at the activism that provoked the billboards' removal--and to demonstrate his commitment to the failed campaign--USI Wireless' President, Joe Caldwell, appears in at least one version of the ad, pictured here at Park Avenue and 9th Street in downtown Minneapolis.

I'm hoping to persuade USI to make a meaningful contribution to the Women's Foundation of Minnesota or another organization that works to promote the safety and well-being of sex workers and to increase housing and educational opportunities for young people."

Change Marketing will return to daily blogging next Monday. Sorry for not announcing the hiatus in advance, but I didn't want to turn up on Please Rob Me...

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