Thursday, August 5, 2010

Perso nella traduzione

I recently stumbled upon this strongly-worded, if somewhat insensitive, ad from Italy on Ads of the World:

Why is it in English? Because agencies around the world long ago realized that to be understood (and blogged about) internationally, you need to put English versions online.

However, that is no guarantee that the ads will be reproduced in good English.

The body copy of this ad reads:

"According to many scientific researches people who smoke have an higher chance to die young

On the 31st of May, the World No Tobacco Day, the Mayor of Nettuno invites all the smokers to stop before it's too late"

But at least we can all "get" the ad. The real problem creeps in when the concept itself does not translate:

Well... okay then. I would have though pension and care would be considered good things when you get old.

The ads are by an agency called Link in Rome, for the nearby City of Nettuno.

If anyone can locate the original ads in Italian, I would be most grateful...

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  1. Oh.. I get it. Because you'll be dead before any of this stuff happens.