Monday, September 27, 2010

life.turns. into something awesome

life.turns. is a project started for the 2010 Edinburgh Arts Festival by

It incorporates 1205 photographs taken in 21 countries over 40 days, as one film.

Models were shot in a variety of "walking" poses, then the images were stitched together to create a continuous movement.

It's a digital version of the zoetrope, a Victorian-age machine that produced animation by rapidly cycling still images. With the invention of photography, Eadward Muybridge took the next step towards motion pictures with his rapid-fire photo montages. (Link contains lots of nudity - Muybridge was a bit of a pig.)

So, here's the digital zoetrope:

life.turns. from Blipfoto on Vimeo.

Music is "Turn" by Travis.

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