Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Want to run a tasteless ad? It's your funeral.

This is sort of a sequel from yesterday's post, as I'm still on a rant about how cynical creatives can be when it comes to creating newsworthy (and shareworthy) ads.

This one showed up on Ads of the World yesterday, from Mccann-Erickson in Tel Aviv:

The copy reads:"15% of woman who suffer from anorexia will die this year" and it's an ad for Beitech, a non profit organization for woman with eating disorders.

Visual humour has become a standard way of reaching international audiences, but is this really appropriate? It seems that an industry that is often blamed for aggravating or even causing this often fatal mental illness should be a little more respectful of its victims.

But hey, the creative team of Igal, Ifat and Asaf are just trying to make their mark, right? More shame, in my opinion, should go to the client for approving it.

Plus, as someone who has been a pallbearer before, I should point out that even an empty casket would be really frigging heavy.

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