Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Brake... I mean "Break"... for Breast Health

Today, Acart celebrated survival and hope... for women who have lived through breast cancer.

Our "Breaks for Breast Cancer" event, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network, raised over $800 to help survivors across Canada. It's a small event, but as part of a national movement, every dollar matters.

To give this fundraising effort legs, we also produced our own book of recipes. "Tidbits" shares some closely-guarded heirloom dessert recipes — including my mom's WWII-era "wacky cake", which is vegan from before vegan was on the radar.

You can get your own copy of Tidbits for a minimum $5 donation to CBCN. We don't have any e-commerce available, but if you're in Ottawa you can pick one up at Acart reception.  Otherwise, you may want to befriend an Acartian willing to spot you a fin + postage!

Find our more about this event, and meet the people behind it, at Acart's Corporate Blog.

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