Saturday, November 27, 2010


BoingBoing posted this great bit of ambient advertising, supposedly posted in the urinal of the bathroom at a jewellery store specializing in engagement rings:

Commenters say it's from Spence Diamonds in Vancouver, and that there's another sign on the door back into the shop that says "Good talk."

A beautiful example of long-form copywriting that we can all look up to.


  1. There's a vague gender normative assumption of the guy being the proposer and that marriage is a trap laid by women (they redeem themselves on that one, and turn it on its ear). Putting that aside, this is nothing if not ridiculously clever.

  2. It feels like a typical Judd Apatow movie -- a lot of indulgence in what the Brit's call "laddish" behaviour, followed by a sharp reminder that it's time to grow up now.