Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Set phasers to "douchebag"

George Takei, Star Trek's Mr. Sulu and human rights activist, has a message for Clint McCance, an Arkansas School Board member who made international headlines for spewing hate at gay students. (He later resigned.)

Takei makes his rant in context of YouTube's "It Gets Better" channel, in which celebrities and others are adding their words of support for gay youth and The Trevor Project.

My question is, how appropriate is it for an activist — gay or straight — to use the classic attack of "if you're so anti gay, you must be gay yourself"?

I'm never particularly surprised when a vocal homophobe is revealed as a self-loathing closeted hypocrite. But in these cases, suspected homosexuality seems like it is being used as an insult.

Regardless, the use of insulting language like "douchebag" is well deserved.

Kick his ass, Sulu!

Thanks to FB friend Noah for sharing the link.

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