Monday, January 31, 2011

I like where this is going...

I've been doing public transit advertising for many years now, and it's become a real passion.

When I was a kid, my Mom didn't have a driver's license. But fortunately, Kingston did have a public transit system. Service was infrequent back then (before they were a client:) but I learned early that it's just a question of knowing your routes and schedules. Once you're a "bus person", it all just becomes second nature.

Now I live in Ottawa, and I still take the bus to work. It has allowed us to be a one-car family, and I relish the chance to get some work and reading done on the way.

But I realize that not everyone loves transit. That's why I'm so keen to do whatever I can to make it less of a mystery to people. If you can get the attention of non-riders, show a transit benefit, and get them to check out the online info, you can at least start to put transit on their consideration list.

That's why I loved working on this campaign. York Region Transit is a large system that connects with the TTC and gets people all over a large suburban and commercial area. We won the account last year, and ever since we have been enjoying one of those great client relationships that some ad people only dream about: a client who has great creative (as well as business) ambitions, and the means to let us bring them to life.

ACD Vernon came up with the concept. The messaging is mine. And Javier did most of the Art Direction heavy lifting. Chris from Photolux shot the originals.

(See full credits and production details at Change Marketing.)

I hope we can get more of York Region on board with their transit system. And I'm raising another transit baby, back here in Ottawa.

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