Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swedish ads get bork-bork-borked

I love this campaign for Sweden's Lernia training institutes, just posted on Illegal Advertising.

Sure, they'd be even more awesome if they took you by surprise on TV. But the only Swedish programming I've ever purposely watched was that badly-dubbed VHS movie a buddy found in his dad's "secret" collection back in the '80s...

Naw, that wasn't it...

Anyway, great use of dry humour to get a great point across about the value of good training.


I think my favourite TV chef would appreciate the technician's predicament.

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  1. Hi from a Swede,
    I rarley watch TV commercials, funny to come across Swedish commercials here. Are they directed by Roy Andersson? He made some famous commercials around 1990, in the same kind of colors.