Monday, February 14, 2011

Love On a Mountain Top

The crusty old cry of the lovelorn, "I want to shout my love from the mountain tops!" is coming true today for many online lovers.

Over 7,000 messages already. Man, their throats are gonna hurt come sundown.
Brandflakes for Breakfast reports that AT&T is running a cool Facebook promotion today: An app that lets you submit a message about your love, which will be hollered today from the top of an actual mountain by their team of shouty mountain men.

They all have AT&T iPhones, by the way.

Nice idea, and a lot of fun. Especially since so many people are threatening to break up with AT&T now that Verizon offers the iPhone too.

Come baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

Maybe this classic romantic song, and some saucy TV dancers, will rekindle the romance:

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