Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From Drive-Time to Human Trafficking?

The Daily Telegraph reports that a zany radio contest by New Zealand's The Rock FM has raised a little hell (and not the good kind).

"Panties in a twist" because all manly men are assumed to be cool with it.
That's right. The prize is a woman. And not just any woman, but one of the "beautiful genuine Ukraine ladies looking for love and marriage with Kiwi Men" offered up by the Endless Love Agency.

After initial criticism from — well, pretty much anyone with a functioning brain — the radio station sarcastically changed the title of their promotion to:

Note gift tag. How thoughtful!
NZ social activist Sue Bradford is quoted as saying The Rock FM "takes commercial radio to new depths."

"It is unusual and somewhat disturbing that a commercial entity would commercialise what should be one of the most meaningful human relationships and actually offer it as a prize for a radio show," she said.

But there's more than sexism and bad taste at play here. The Ukraine is now a well-known destination for sex tourists from wealthier countries, and "Mail-order Bride" operations are well-known panderers. (As the women are expected to offer "test drives" to prospective grooms.)

This has caught the attention of FEMEN, a Ukrainian radical feminist group who use their own sexuality to protest human trafficking — and sexist culture in general.

They turned out in the freezing Kiev winter to draw attention in their usual way:

[Add "must be a bit nippy over there" joke here.]
These are the same women who have pledged to castrate the Kiev subway groper (if they ever catch him).

The man who makes Rick Rockwell look like a romantic.
So to the contest winner, "Greg" (above) best of luck on your voyage into the glamorous world of sleazy marketing, human trafficking, and international shame.

Or as FEMEN puts it:

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