Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is this the stupidest infomercial ever made?

Here's an ad campaign that's such an epic waste of time, I could only post it on a Sunday: The Tajazzle infomercial.

This home "vajazzling" kit infomercial tries to be sexy, but ends up being simply bizarre. Perhaps it's because it attempts to discuss genital adornment in "PG" terms by sticking the things on every body part but that one. Or maybe it's because it wraps the whole stupid concept in terms of boosting "confidence" (wink! wink!).

I don't know. But I dare you to subject yourself to the entire half hour:

Well? How far did you get?


  1. I barely made it through the whole blog post. I couldn't bring myself to to press play.

    In regards to this infomercials stupidity, I'll happily just take your word for it, Tom.