Sunday, March 6, 2011

She branded me with science

When I took my son and a friend to the Canada Science and Technology Museum today,  I was surprised to see the social sciences represented.

"Who Am I?" is a temporary exhibit, installed last November, that has several interactive displays designed to teach kids about both innate and acquired personality issues.

Produced by Musée de la nature et des sciences de Sherbrooke, the exhibit is sponsored by an odd marriage of The Dove Self-Esteem Fund and The Smurfs (who are used to explain genetics to kids).

The Dove invovement is particularly interesting, as most corporate sponsors at sci-tech are (obviously) technology companies. Dove uses this great corporate social responsibility opportunity to further cement its brand relationship with the young female target market.

And so, among the other displays, you'll find a monitor playing an endless loop of "campaign for real beauty" spots, and a computer running a number of quizzes about fashion, media and body image.

What follows is the tour I took through one of them, "Are You Media Smart?". Obviously, there are no wrong answers. (Click to enlarge.)

And there you have it. I graduated! Although I feel a little dirty, now that they tell me I've spent the last 10 minutes in the "Girls-Only Interactive Zone". Oh well. Boys need education too.

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