Monday, April 25, 2011

The Admen Must be Crazy

I get that the Copywriter was trying to be cheeky in that old-school "battle of the sexes" sparring way. I can live with that, even if it can easily cause offence.

"Approach women as you do wild animals. With caution, a soothing voice,  and fellow human beings reduced to exotic props."

It's the total inappropriateness of the great white hunter among helpful natives thing that irks me the most. Plus, what is he carrying... a riding crop?

I actually like Dos Equis, too, since it has more taste than other Mexican beers - something its agency clearly lacks.

Via Adrants and Jezebel.


  1. It's a golf club. They're all three of them carrying golf clubs.

    Also, this is a terrible ad.

  2. I wrote dos equis. This is what they responded:

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    Date: Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 11:24 AM
    Subject: RE: customer comment
    To: (me)

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    Dear (me),

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding our recent advertisement for the Dos Equis brand. We appreciate the time you took to write and share your opinion with us.

    Our advertisement was in no way intended to offend. Heineken USA holds respect for society as one of its core values, and as such, we adhere to both an industry advertising and marketing code, known as the Beer Institute Advertising and Marketing Code, as well as a more stringent self-imposed code called Heineken International’s Rules and Guidelines on Responsible Commercial Communication. Like all of our other advertisements, this ad concept went through a thorough review process before it was released.

    Additionally, upon receipt of feedback from consumers like yourself, we submitted the ad to Heineken USA’s Independent Advertising Complaint Review Board, which is comprised of individuals with broad experience in areas relevant to advertising, marketing, alcohol regulation and policy, and adolescent behavior. Upon review and deliberation, the board decided that this ad was not in violation of either the Beer Institute Advertising and Marketing Code or Heineken International's Rules and Guidelines on Commercial Communication.
    Despite the findings of the independent review board, after careful consideration, Heineken USA has decided to remove the ad from rotation. The process to remove the ad and replace it with new advertising will take approximately three weeks. We have already begun taking the necessary steps in order to facilitate the ad's removal.

    As always, we are interested in the opinions of consumers regarding our activities and your input on this issue was important to us. I am hopeful that the information we have provided to you in this regard addresses your concerns. Thank you again for taking the time to share your views.


    Heineken USA Consumer Affairs

    The customer wrote:

    From: (me)
    Date: 5/13/2011 1:26:58 PM

    Dear Dos Equis,

    I really like your beer and buy it regularly. I am particularly fond of the
    lager. So it is is unfortunate that I find the need to write this email. I was
    walking this week in New York City and saw an ad posted (picture attached) for
    your beer. It reads, "Approach women like you do wild animals. With caution and
    a soothing voice."

    I have never been so offended by an advertisement in my life. The ad is
    blatantly sexist, infantilizing, colonialist, and racist. I really like your
    beer, but I will never buy it again as long as you continue to use advertising
    images and slogans like these. I think you owe your customers, particularly
    your female and non-white customers, a sincere apology. Please know you have
    lost my business through this kind of advertisement, and if you hope to regain
    it, your brand needs to work hard to undo the damage you have done.