Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rule 34 comes to advertising

According to Urban Dictionary, Rule #34 of the Internet states that "If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions".

I've seen worse.
Usually, this applies to fetish and fan art/fiction sites, which are today's Tijuana Bibles. The idea is that if you ever wanted to see Kirk and Spock having an erotic bath together, or see Archie "dating" Betty and Veronica at the same time, you can find it.

I'd like to propose Rule #34 of Advertising: "If it pops up in a Creative Director's imagination, and the client has enough budget, there's an ad of it."

And so I give you Sarah Silverman being romanced by an Aerosmith-lip-synching dude in a unicorn fursuit for Juicy Fruit:

Well, okay then.

Serenading Unicorn also does Devo (with Keenan Cahill) and Coolio:

Is this really what it takes to sell gum these days? Maybe it is...

Agency: EVB
Source: Mashable

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