Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kids GIS the darndest things

This could have been a really great campaign about unfortunate Google Image Searches that kids make. But instead of taking it to the next level, the creative team gutterballed it:

“Let kids stay kids. Use parental control.”

"Wet Pussy"? Was that really the best you could come up with? How likely would it be that a kid young enough not to know the slang would choose those exact two words, as opposed to the more common "cat", or "kitty"...

And this one's just annoying, not only because of the improbability of "black cock" as an innocent search, but also because it feeds off of that racist sexual fetishism some people have for black men.

As a parent, I know how this kind of thing really goes down. It's the truly innocent search for "beaver", "facial", or even "toe" that ends up in the bad place. And those examples (only the tip of the iceberg) are far more shocking and more likely to be stumbled upon.

These ads are actually by DDB, Buenos Aires, so I wonder if there's a language issue at hand here. Perhaps they just used the limited English slang that they (and their audience) know.

Via I Believe in Advertising

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