Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The pathetic politics of hate and fear

My friend Rachel (who lives near Barcelona) sent me this political ad from one of Catalonia extreme right-wing anti-immigration parties:

My first reaction (besides recoiling at its sheer shittiness) was anti-racist outrage. My second reaction was, how far are we old-school Canadians from this level of anti-Islamic ethnic paranoia?

Especially since some of our southern neighbours seem to already be there:

I'm not scared of Islam. I'm scared of ethnocentric hate... by anybody, towards anybody.


  1. In total agreement with you Tom. The way I hear people talk about immigration and the whole 'us v. them' mentality about it just makes my blood boil.

  2. Right on, Tom! The sheer cynical, ignorant (or not?) hypocrisy of these parties is frightening. (Disclaimer: I am a two-time immigrant from a long line of immigrants.) :-)