Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cargill asks, "would you like fries with those GMOs?"

"Next to the revered hamburger, nothing is more classic to fast food than the french fry. But typically, french fries are cooked in partially hydrogenated oil, a source of trans fats. When a major restaurant chain wanted to offer their french fries with zero grams trans fat per serving, they knew they couldn’t change the taste consumers loved. They called on Cargill, who worked with them to develop frying oil that could achieve that goal."

Awww, shucks! Aren't those folks at Cargill just the sweetest things?

"The process required collaboration on all fronts, starting with improvements in canola seed genetics. Cargill then contracted with farmers to grow the volumes of oilseeds that would be necessary to supply all locations, and helped build an identity-preserved chain from the farm to the restaurant. Processing methods were overhauled as well. New technologies for crushing and refining seeds were introduced, and multiple formulations were considered to create a cooking oil that performed well for fries, chicken and fish.

The final test, of course? Taste. Consumers gave the made-over fries two huge thumbs-up. Now the chain serves classic-tasting french fries, without the trans fat risks. It’s a better situation all around, and Cargill was proud to help create it.

This is how Cargill works with customers."

I'm really, honestly touched by the way this megafood corporation focussed all their high-tech resources on something as patriotic and old fashioned as a freedom fry. So what if they are patenting a genetically modified organism that will further the spread of factory farming and monoculture at the expense of family farms and crop diversity? Gull darn it, that's a good, honest American fry!

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