Thursday, June 16, 2011

FEMEN go after Saudi Arabia

FEMEN's latest protest targets the Saudi kingdom for prohibiting women from driving.

So of course they gave their signature topless protest a more modest apparel:

Press Release (via Google Translate):
"Today, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia blocked the protest FEMEN-tuple. Thus, FEMEN expressed solidarity with the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who will leave June 17 to protest against the prohibition for women to drive cars. Topless activists wearing head scarves unfurled banners from the car, "Women - machine men - Camels!" Women they rule! »,« Let's drive »," Wild morals ". At the end of the campaign activists pelted the embassy with whips that the official government of Saudi Arabia urges men to beat their women for trying to get behind the wheel.
The women's movement FEMEN consistently opposed the near-eastern male tyranny and the liberation of women requires the Muslim world. The motion calls on the entire civilized FEMEN democratic world to help Muslim women to leave the position of slavery, giving them organizational, financial and political support."
Video here 

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