Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is shooting commercials from her house arrest

There's shameless, and then there's LiLo:

Popeater says, "Apparently you can't keep this working girl down. Lindsay Lohan who has been spending some court ordered time at home as of late hasn't let her staycation go to waste. The house arrest ham filmed a commercial from the confines of her cozy quarters to the tune of more than $25,000."

$25 K for 18 seconds hawking penny auctions? That's some hard time she's doing...


  1. Honestly? I just think it's sad. She actually had some talent, now she's just a joke. Robert Downey Jr. managed to salvage his career. Can LL?

  2. RD Jr. had lots of personal drama, but he kept working as a serious actor through it all. LiLo is content to be famous for being famous.