Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This IS Flint after all...

Remember when Newcap Radio (owners of HOT 89.9) and Alphabet Creative pissed off the residents of Flint, Michigan with their self-promo campaign "This Ain't Flint"? It was supposed to rouse mid-recession Ottawans into realizing that they didn't have it as bad as the seemingly post-apocalyptic rust belt subject of Roger and Me. Instead, it just confused people.

A spokesperson for Flint Mayor Michael Brown stated, "I would say to the makers of the video 'This Ain't Flint' that that ain't Flint either," spokesman Bob Campbell said. "It is trying to make a point satirically, and it fails miserably."

Now, ironically, a Flint Mayoral candidate is painting an even worse portrait of his city in his own campaign ad:

(via Reddit)

I guess it's OK when they criticize themselves. But either way, poor Flinters just can't catch a break. At least they tried to cast against stereotype, with a white crook.

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