Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wikileaks advertises with a tired cliché and Assange self-love

What a missed opportunity.

Wikileaks has the world's eyes and ears. The banking blockade preventing e-donations from reaching Director Julian Assange's defence fund is controversial and therefore of interest.

To raise money more directly, they feature Assange in an online appeal, and what do they do?

"Priceless"? Seriously? A Master Card ad parody meme that had already jumped the shark before the close of the 20th century?

Plus, Assange is rather creepy. Even ardent Wikileaks supporters must feel a little uncomfortable about the nature of the charges against him — whether as a result of entrapment or not. Plus, the self-congratulatory nature of the ads in not endearing.

This could have been a really great viral opportunity for Wikileaks to gain supporters for their cause. Instead, it shows like a half-assed vanity job.

Next time, call a professional.

via Illegal Advertising

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