Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alison Jackson and the art of faux scandal

Alison Jackson is an artist. And her medium is creating fake celebrity scandal photos and videos:

As you see, she's recreated a number of rumours and scandals, using celebrity lookalikes and a paparazzi style to, in her words, "depict our suspicions".

While her recent Kate and William recreations are on display at London's Ben Brown Gallery, Alison has recently taken an interest in the Duchess' younger sister Pippa, whose well-shaped bum became somewhat of a meme following the royal wedding.

Not one for subtlety, Ms. Jackson went searching for an appropriate body double, then produced a number of videos showing what she imagined to be what it takes "to get a Pippa-perfect posterior".

What is that? I don't even...

The result is... well...

A cheeky commentary on accidental celebrity and media exploitation. But is it art?

There are more vids at AJ's YouTube Channel.

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